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Update post: I’ll be blogging on some of the topics included in this post

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  • Socio-Economic – The economic and social infrastructure. Its institutions that we survive on a daily basis.
  • Stockholm Syndrome – Sympathizing with your captors. Behaving in ways that sustain, support, and benefit your oppressors. 
  • SESS – Socio-Economic Stockholm Syndrome. Participating in our society in ways that ensure the well-being of the ruling class (1%) and the system that benefits them at the expense of ourselves, our own best interests, and our own survival.
  • SESSpool – The daily pool of SESS we are forced to navigate. Credit Juana Tango for definitions.

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In case you seek a particular type of post the last quarter of 2014 I blogged under the following tagged topics:

  • Monday Munchies – Food for thought & the belly by a fat vegetarian of mixed heritage.
  • Troubled Tuesdays – Perspectives on happenings that result in mental, spiritual, and heartfelt indigestion – now with antidotes!
  • Wonderful Wednesdays – Highlights of something good brewing in the world.
  • Twisted Thursdays – a balloon creation with accompanying allegory, parable, or commentary.
  • Fat Fridays – Intersectional approach to the world of Body Positivity, Size Acceptance, & Fabulous Fatties
  • Sizzling Saturdays – Sexy, Sensual Corporeal Delights
  • Sapio Sundays – All things Geekery