2015 – Update

So, It’s been a while since I’ve posted. In fact this is the first entry of 2015. I’m going to use this entry as an opportunity to catch up to date and set some writing intentions.

Busted Computer 😦

First off both my laptop and computer decided to crap out in December and my computer doctor tried valiantly to save them, before we both acknowledged they need to be laid to rest in the electronic graveyard. Which isn’t as cool as being sent to the Las Vegas Boneyard, but I digress. At this point, I’ve got an older laptop (thanks dad!) in the interim of getting our tax refund back for a tower.  Yay – for writing access!

NaNoWriMo – November

I did complete the 50K in 30 days challenge November 2014, despite switching story lines a few days in.

Published Author – December 1st

The timing was amazing. December 1st the day after NaNoWriMo I received a hard copy of an academic anthology in which I was a contributing author. The Politics of Size edited by Ragen ChastainThis will end up being a blog post at some point over the next few weeks. 

Cops Murdering Black Men and not being held accountable – December

While this actually isn’t something new, the way the internet and camera phones have impacted our access to such information is. On December 1st I was exhilarated over being a published author. On December 2nd I felt like the accomplishment was pointless in a world that has issues that are so much bigger than that that contribution to a book. Despite that the piece I co-authored focused on social justice issues that impact fat women of color it just seemed like there were tangible in our face issues that needed to be the focus with concrete action, rather than academic analysis of our world.  I used writing prolifically as a tool towards accountability and calling on folks in my social circles who weren’t black to step up to the plate on facebook – but ceased writing pretty much anywhere else. I may blog about this some, because the issue hasn’t gone away just because it isn’t being centered in the media anymore. I’m also likely to blog about a similar social justice issue that there has been a transgendered woman of color murdered every single week in 2015 and there needs to be a continuation of taking this too the streets and not.shutting.up. That systemic murders of people of color matter and that the intersectionality of transgender and female do not make it any less important to fiercely stand up for, call out, and insist that these murders and lack of accountability for them needs to stop. 
Below is an example of the types of postings I was doing in facebook (many of my postings were depending on which group or page I was commenting on).

Intersectionality in Fat activism movement and why it matters. The grand jury decided to not indict a cop who choked a black man to his death. The coroner’s report put the murder down to heart attack induced by asphyxiation. One of the justifications for his death that influenced the no indictment was that it was complicated because he was obese. Think about that a moment.

Fatness as a justification for racist murder.

If you are a fat activist and you are not taking an intersectional approach to your activitism. If you are holed up in a white fatosphere and you don’t pay any attention to addressing the issues of racism or other isms that aren’t directly reflected in you ….. then you are complicit in sustaining a systemic racism that allowed fat to be wielded as a tool of racism.

I don’t know Eric personally, but I viewed that video and nothing warranted his death. Nothing. Take the time to watch the video. Then do something.


I won’t be setting specific topics to specific days as I did in October 2014. However, I will still be blogging on similar topics and using a label for type of topic for ease in searching.  My intention is to blog about 3 times a week.

Below is a list of topics I aim to discuss over the next few weeks

Irony as a weapon –  when whom uses it impacts the effects (this will look at two recent incidents that crossed my social pages where folks on the side of privilege enacted irony thinking it would come across as allyship and instead it came across as futhering the marginalizations).

What’s in a word – there are several sources discussing eradicating use of ableist words. Yet, some of these replace those words with other grossly oppressive suggestions. Why intersectionality matters when changing the way we talk about one oppression

50 Shades of Capitalism – My perspective on why 50 Shades of Grey – a dreadfully written book and slightly better dialogued movie but still problematic for it’s romanticizing of abuse (not the actual pseudo BDSM but the stalking type behaviors) seems to be bringing in lots of money for the folks involved.

Make your own makeup – similar to the chocolate DIY I’ll share the experience I had crafting lipstick (fun!)

Busty girl woes – follow up post on the difficulties locating bras (waiting on a Polish bra to arrive and document how it fits and feels to wear it before writing this article)

Chocolates DIY – the follow up post to the first one

The Politics of Size – Sharing an excerpt from what I contributed. Reviewing the book overall as a whole (some contributions were amazing and informative .. but  a couple of the contributions had points of contention)

Learning ASL – an intersectionality analysis of my foray into learning a new language.